Commercial Kiosk Food condensed Milk Vending Machine in schools / University

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: FUMU
Certification: CE/UL/CSA/
Model Number: KVM-G654Yogurt/milk







Detailed Product Description
Payment:: Bank Note, Coin, Debit & Credit Card, Payment System Protocol:: MDB/Dex
Telemetry:: Own Brand Or Compatible With Nayax Telemetry System Outside Dimension: 1900*1160*750(mm) (H*W*D)
Weight: 275kg Material:: Stainless Steel/Temperated Glass
Color:: Black, White Or Custom Color Sensor: Drop Sensor

                                              FUMU Yogurt &milk Vending Machine
                                                    KVM-G654 (Yogurt&milk )




   KVM-G654 (Yogurt Vending Machine)

Outside Dimension

  1900*1160*750(mm) (H*W*D)



Body Color

  White and Black

Body Material

 Rigid steel body with overall foam

Showing Window

1. Antiriot Tempered double-pane glass  2. LED lighting system

Payment system protocol


Payment System

Bill, Coin and return change (US OR European Brand)

Drop sensor

Ensure vending success





Max selections of tray


Max trays


Max selections of showcase


Storage Capacity

 300pcs-350pcs Yogurt

Cooling Function

 Compressor refrigeration

Internal temperature

   Top 12°C~18°C
  Bottom 3°C~14°C

Telemetry System

  Record status, sales and inventory, Analyze merchandise and potentials inventory

         LCD display size

 160mm × 90mm (L * w)

Storage Cabinet Size

 180mm×500mm×1000mm (w*d*h)  


  500W, AC 110V-220V, 50/60HZ

Product Certification/standard


· Refrigeration and heating system
· Remote control by GPRS, management software
· Bill acceptor and coin mechanism configured at factory 
· Card reader payment device
· Customized language display for specific country 
· IC/ID Card management customers conveniently
Main function:
· Multi-price coin mechanism; Dollar bill acceptor; foreign coins acceptor; change in seconds.
· Vend a variety of selections in the same machine.
· Individual pricing per selection. Price can be set freely.
· Compact size: Allow more mobility, more locations; indoor or outdoor.
· To stop the machine running the crash phenomenon. Anti interference design of hardware circuit using 
EMC and compatible design, to ensure that the machine in any with a source of interference conditions of 
normal operation.
· Removable and adjustable trays.
· Sturdy steel construction with durable powder coat painted surfaces for years of service.
· Large display window shows selections, large merchandise view space.
· Self-check function avoids crash in machine running. Hardware circuit is interference and is EMC 
compatible, making sure that the machine operate in any surroundings.
· When selections of the machine are out of stock, it can check by itself 
Main Features:

  • "Liquid Injection Foam" technology guarantees the highest insulating efficiency;
  • Removable Refrigeration System, easy to maintain, repair and replace;
  • Stratified Temperature Control: upper 3 trays (A/B/C) range between 12°C~18°C and lower 3 trays (D/E/F) range between 3°C~14°C;
  • 45/90 Degree Two-Stage Tiltable Shelves make maintenance much easier; 
  • Tray Spacing is adjustable by each step of 15mm height; 
  • Drop Sensor installed in delivery bin to ensure vending success every time;
  • LED String Lighting System, super bright and energy saving;
  • Glass Heater embedded in front glass to prevent condensing of moisture;
  • Tempered Door Glass with Argon Gas interspace for insulating purpose;
  • MDB and DEX ready, supports cashless payment system and telemetry system;
  • Optional special locks with both Sub-Keys & Master keys for easy management.

Product Parameters:

  • Dimensions Main :1900*1160*750(mm) (H*W*D)
  • Weight: 275kg  
  • Power Consumption: 110-240V, 50/60Hz, 400W-500W on average;
  • Compressor/Coolant: 1HP compressor (Brand: Donper), R134a (Brand: Dupont);
  • Temperature: adjustable from 3°C~14°C and stratified for snacks and drinks;
  • Selections: 6 trays, 45 selections (expandable to 54), 18 of snacks + 27 of drinks;
  • Capacity: 300 or more sexy products
  • Drop sensor : If after selection, a product fails to fall into the retrieval chamber then the vend motor will turn more times.If the product still fails to fall the customer is given the choice to make another selection or receive a refund. 

Excellent customer & consumer experience
Easy to be configured, convenient to use
– Prominent controller board and Keypad with LED light buttons, more smart & efficient
Bright showcase
– LED lighting system, arrestive, vivid and energy-saving
– Glass Heater embedded on glass to prevent condensing of moisture;
Vending with drop sensor
– Ensure vending success every time or refund the money
Paying in cash & cashless
– Comply with MDB payment system protocol
  Bank note,  Coin, Debit and Credit card,
Variety of merchandise in large capacity
– Diversified packages
  Can, Bottle, Box, Bag, Bar, etc.
– Variety of spiral options and adjustable tray height go with merchandise
– Guide rail for cans to facilitate cans delivery
– Max 9 selections per tray
– Max 6 trays
– Max expandable to 54 selections
Config of Capacity and Selections
– Yogurt- Bag/Box
  5 selections/tray
– Beverage/Candy – Bottle/Can/Bar
  9 selections/tray
  (9 single spirals) 


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