commercial milk dispensers

Internationalstandard design, coin, IC cards, paper money, give change and credit cards by way of sale, GSM remote monitoring.
2. Automatic digital circuit control, integrated panel structure, LCD screen, 24-hour sale.
3. Energy green refrigeration, automatic temperature 2-5 degrees.
4. The cabinet made of stainless steel, thicker insulation layer, multiple security design.

5. Closed food grade stainless steel milk bucket.
6. Automatic timed stirring, more uniform milk.
7. Double barrelautomatic switching selling milk, no milk to provide a warning.
8. Automatic sprinkler filling cleaning, more hygienic.





Advantage and Features:

 [Refrigeration System]

A compressor inside machine, which can support 3℃-12℃constant temperature to keep milk fresh.

[Stirring Dasher]

Automatically milk stirring in a regular time(usually for 10s per half hour)

[Automatic Washing]

5s after customer takes bottle of milk, machine will automatically wash the window and table-board. 

[PC control mainboard:]

Adjustable unit price on mainboard, Perfect stability, nearly 0 stoppage.


Humanized design, very convenient for bottle placing

[Milk tank replacement bracket]

A small moveable bracket, usually inside machine, when you replacing the full milk tanks, take is out to help you with replacement. easy and fast. even a woman can finish it with a 100L tank.

[Safety Insurance]

imported lock of automatic vendor is adopts for safety insurance

[Stainless steel milk tank]

304 stainless steel milk tank which is highly reached the food standard, humanized four universal wheels make it easy in replacement and washing after milk was sold out. 

Also wheels with lock. When place it well, settle it, tank can no longer move. Alternate function, need to pay extra

[LCD advertisement displayer]

Optional LCD advertisement player, a good way to increase income

[GSM controller]

Check machine working performance and turnover with a text message. 

Or when something wrong with machine, you can receive a message automatically send from machine.


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