Indoor School Retail Kiosk Cup Noodle Vending Machine By Coin Exchanger

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: FUMU
Certification: CE/UL/CSA/
Model Number: KVM-G654N









Detailed Product Description
Payment: Bank Note, Coin, Debit & Credit Card Telemetry: Own Brand Or Compatible With Nayax Telemetry System
Weight: 220Kg; Sensor: Drop Sensor
Payment System Protocol: MDB/Dex Cooling: Modularized Refrigeration System
Material: Stainless Steel/Temperated Glass Color: Black, White Or Custom Color
Outside Dimension: D753mm X W1034mm X H1905mm

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1Pcs/Carton, 14pcs/20ft, 30pcs/40ft

Delivery Detail:

30 days after order with prepayment


Cup Noodle Vending Machine from FUMU 
MDB & DEX ready 
High Capacity 
CE Approved 

Product Description

Main Features:

Double-Door Structure separates the control system from stock area;

Refrigeration System is optional (extra cost);

45/90 Degree Two-Stage Tiltable Shelves make maintenance much easier; 

Tray Spacing is adjustable by each step of 15mm height; 

Label Holders fixed on the front-end of each tray for ID & Price labels;

Drop Sensor installed in delivery bin to ensure vending success every time;

LED String Lighting System, super bright and energy saving;

Tempered Double Door Glass with Inertia Gas filled interspace;

PCB Controlled Keypad , more sensitive & durable;

Large LCD screen and intelligent Self-Diagnostic control system;

MDB and DEX ready, supports cashless payment system and telemetry system;

Optional special locks with both Sub-Keys & Master keys for easy management.

Product Parameters:

Dimensions/Weight: D753mm x W1034mm x H1905mm, 220Kg;

Power Consumption: 110-240V, 50/60Hz, 60W(max)/40W(standby);

Selections: 6 trays and 29 selections by default;

Default Capacity: 69 cup noodles, 4 box noodles & 65 sausages;

Shipping Load: 14Pcs/20'GP;  30Pcs/40'GP

Q & A

Q1: What is the life time of FUMU's vending machines?

A: Minimum 10 years, and you can expect more than 20 years. 

Q2: Does you machine support remote monitoring and cashless payment?

A: Yes. Our machines have both MDB and DEX protocols, and support the Telemetry (remote monitoring device) and VPOS (cashless payment device) from Nayax ( 

Q3: What is the life time of cash payment system (coin changer & bill acceptor)?

A: We adopt ITL bill acceptors by default, which are made in UK and with the service life up to 5 years by average. For coin changer, we use FUMU's KCM-D by default, which is made by ourself and with the theoretical number of use up to 80000 times. 

Q4: What's your guarantee term? 

A: We provide 12-month guarantee on our products, however it's limited to free parts supply, as we can't provide on-site service out of China mainland. 

Q5: Can I get parts supply from FUMU?

A: Firstly, when you buy machines in full container from FUMU, some free spare parts will come together with the machines. Secondly, you can always get parts from us with very reasonable prices, and normally the shipment will be effected by courier service within 10 days after receiving your order confirmation. 

Q6: Are the machines difficult to maintain?

A: It's not difficult at all, and you even don't need to be a technical guy. Our machines have the intelligent self-diagnosing and self-correcting functions, so you will easily locate and fix the problem when there is a trouble on. For example, when a tray motor gets jammed, an error prompt will be shown on LCD screen, then you just need to access machine settings and try to get the motor rotate for a circle by running "motor testing", and if the motor is not broken inside, it will automatically got back to its initial position and sort the jam out.  


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