who invented the first vending machine

A vending machine is a machine that dispenses items such as snacks, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets to customers automatically, after the customer inserts currency or credit into the machine. The first modern vending machines were developed in England in the early...::::::The first documented vending machine dates from about 215 b.c., when the mathematician Hero invented a device that accepted bronze coins and dispensed...::::::1 Jun 2016 ... The first recorded example of a vending machine comes from the Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria who invented a device that...::::::By visiting ancient Greece time, one can find the earliest vending machine that ... was being brought around by the vending machines and became the first city in...::::::30 Oct 2015 ... According to Smithsonian, the first vending machine was invented by Hero of Alexandria, also known as Hero. (You can also thank him for...::::::First commercial cigarette vending machines come on the market. ... Invention of the first coffee vendors leads to use of vending machines for coffee break. 1947.::::::The Vending Machine was invented in London, England, in the start of the industrial revolution. It was invented so business men who were in a rush did... More.::::::Did you know that the first vending machine was developed to dispense holy water? Read about vending machine history and learn how far the technology has...::::::3 Aug 2015 ... Heron died around 70 A.D.; it wasn't until 1883, when inventor Percival Everett created a vending machine for postcards and note paper, that...::::::11 Jul 2013 ... What Did The First Vending Machine Dispense? ... Despite the practical nature of his invention, vending machines didn't rise in popularity by...::::::15 Nov 2013 ... In 1965, John Greenwick invented the first vending machine that accepted paper bills. People did not have to carry around coins to use...::::::20 Feb 2015 ... In 1857, an Englishman named Simeon Denham acquired a patent for a stamp vending machine he invented. This is said to be the first...::::::13 Apr 2012 ... Heron created the first vending machine not out of curiosity, but to stop ... Heron ventured away from holy water with another invention, the...::::::29 Oct 2010 ... When would you guess the world's first vending machine was invented? Probably 1880 or thereabouts. Not a bad guess: It was not until the...::::::The first commercial coin-operated vending machine was invented in London. This was not a beverage or food vending machine, but a postcard vending...::::::10 May 2016 ... What started as an eighth-grade project could soon turn into a multi-million-dollar company thanks to a 14-year-old entrepreneur from Alabama...::::::18 Aug 2009 ... The Greeks discovered the coin operated vending machines. ... Greeks invented the world's first mechanical clock, cuckoo clock, calendar,...::::::The first vending machine, invented in the 1st century A.D. by Heron (a.k.a. Hero of Alexandria), worked sort of like flushing a toilet. When you flush, you press a...::::::23 Nov 2010 ... He invented many gadgets and wrote at length about them. In his book Pneumatics, he described an early vending machine. It dispensed holy...::::::The first vending machine in Japan was a tobacco vendor, which was made in 1888 in ... Prefecture) by Tawaraya Koshichi, a furniture artisan and an inventor.

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